About the Foundation

The Orono Public Library Foundation was established in 2002 to build a free-standing public library for the town of Orono and to provide for the library’s ongoing support. The Foundation supports the Orono Public Library’s mission: to serve as a community resource and to support the educational, cultural, and informational needs of the people of Orono. The Foundation is committed to strengthening the Orono community and enhancing the quality of life for all Orono’s citizens.

The Orono Public Library Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by the Citizens Library Campaign Committee, a group of residents dedicated to actively pursuing the goal of a new public library.

Orono Public Library Foundation Board Members

  • James Jackson Sanborn (President)
  • Francie Criner (Treasurer)
  • Edwin Nagy (Secretary)
  • Geoffrey Gordon (Vice President)
  • Geoff Wingard
  • Dyan Walsh
  • Abigail Jernigan
  • Jeff Hecker
  • Laurie Carpenter (Librarian, Ex Officio)